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Gaming Podcast Assembly EP.7 | Pokemon Go | CSGO Scandal | E3 2016

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  1. Jacob Shabazz says:

    Damage control for Phil Spencer.

  2. NeLo TpC says:

    I’m sorry guys but that guy mike is a fucking retard smh

  3. John Dee says:

    Awesome, so glad i joined this channel instead, ty BG

    Its nice u get chance to speak properly vs wwp

  4. chriscobra666 says:

    great podcast my brothers, umm pokemon go is trash by my girls standards
    and I agree with her!

  5. SweetDangos says:

    Pokemon go is definitely one of my favorites of the year so far. Never
    thought I’d ever be into a phone game until this. When I’m not working I’m
    trying to catch as many Pokemon as I can. Been neglecting my consoles as of
    late tho :/

  6. Douglas Harris says:

    I really like this show, BG. It’s a nice counterbalance to the crazy stuff
    that goes down in Weapon Wheel.

  7. fabian francis says:

    so many Pokemon go haters

  8. Sevy Fresh Videos says:

    I love pokemon go i play it every day

  9. PrezidentPlaystation says:

    i never know when you do the assembly podcast live, i always miss it live

  10. The ADHD Gamer says:

    I’ve never clicked on video so fast lol

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