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How To Start Playing Pokémon Go

Wanna start playing Pokémon Go but don’t know how? Here’s a quick video guide to get you started on the basics.

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  1. Rodrigo Marques says:

    In Brazil, people throw their pokebullet to catch your Pokemons.

  2. Grzegorz Nonszalancki says:

    I haven’t dodge any poke go players, cuz I don’t leae my home. This game
    scares me btw.

  3. Brett Saesee says:


  4. Its_burtonn 623 says:

    What does it mean by go outside

  5. Nalhcal92 says:

    this video is a lie, cant be on 100% battery while playing pokemon go

  6. LunaticReason says:

    I live in Canada where it’s not released yet but almost everyone is already
    playing it and I feel left out. It don’t know if i should play/download it
    unofficially or wait. It just seems so unfair because I’ve been waiting
    patiently and I don’t see any incentive to do so.

  7. Hector Pena says:

    Good vid guys

  8. sparrow2202 says:

    So according to kotaku, the world = the US…

  9. NeoSquirrel says:

    I miss 14th street station and all the wee little sculpture folk.

  10. SonOfAKing says:

    Or you can just use a treadmill. At least thats what some are saying, they
    fake that they are walking so they don’t have to go outside and you know,
    get hit by cars. I’ll do that because it gives me exercise and I can still
    stay in my house and not look like a moron chasing down something invisible
    then standing the street catching it as a bus is about to hit me.

    • patyos2 says:

      Maybe lift the sides of the treadmill off the floor with books ?

    • NeoSquirrel says:

      And how exactly does that work? The undersides of treadmills don’t have a
      thickness much wider than enough for the belt itself to roll under. Plus
      phones don’t bend to make it aeon do the turn without clonking the floor or
      belt slot.

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