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  1. Rob Garcia says:

    Why does my pokemon go app always say ‘gps signal not found’ somebody
    please help me Im using a ipod touch 6th gen.

  2. Mary Lucombe says:

    pause at 0:00

  3. Gaston Walsh says:

    Pokemon Go Cheat Free Coins and Pokeballs :


  4. DATSSJSavage01 says:

    I’m new to this, which ones are good, should I just go for the pokemon with
    the highest cp

  5. JustJaySama says:

    Lmao this was hilarious. Kevin you have to wear this hat every episode

  6. Ebenson Pierre says:

    people say pokemons are in mall

  7. Triple_T says:

    +XpertThief can I have your S7 please only if you don’t want it

  8. NFLKID10 says:

    did you guy now that this is a way for the government to know were your are
    at every second there tracking you gps guys

  9. Clifton Allen says:

    Challenge the gyms with multiple people so that taking a gym is a lot

  10. JaShaun Pullman says:

    who remembers what should ninja do

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