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Pokemon GO Gameplay – Ep 1 – Poke Stop Restock & Hatching My First Egg!

Pokemon GO Gameplay – Ep 1 – Pokestop Restock & Hatching My First Egg!

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  1. Lina 9585 says:

    Oh I just noticed Zueljin has the same phone as mine

  2. Damian Nunes says:

    So funny been playing myself went to go see if you’ve been playing and you
    are lol my Snorlax is 2000 CP

  3. Trevor C says:

    you ought to come to downtown Lafayette

  4. Evan Fitzgerald says:


  5. Evan Fitzgerald says:

    X please be careful because I just saw some@just in my backyard but be
    careful because these things can kill people just saying

  6. Logan Byars says:

    How do you collect things from pokestops and I am level 6?

  7. Andrew Pilquist says:

    Z needs to build up some balls. LOL

  8. kevin brown says:

    niec playthrough

  9. giovani amaya says:

    Zuel tramsfer your weakest of the pokemon u have mulitple of so u can get
    an extra candy from them keep the strongest one tho to evolve

  10. Jacob Raymond says:

    NOOO! Z IS VALOR! (mystic is so much better)

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