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Pokémon Go – ISTE Games & Sims Network Intro and Resources

ISTE Games & Sims Hangout to introduce Pokémon Go

We will do a Back to School Hangout on Pokémon Go in August. There will be many more resources and ideas then.

Pokemon Go Hangout Padlet

Please make comments, ask questions and post resources.

Pokemon Go google doc
Link to Slides

Intro to Hangout 0:00 – 6:42
Playing Pokemon 6:43 – 30:03
Metagame Examples of Using Pokemon Go 30:03 –
Question from Middle Schooler about losing the fun if it comes into the school 33:00 – 37:13
#PokeBlitz citizen science on twitter with 37:13 – 40:27
Blogs to Read and Resources 40:27 – 45:42
Parting Thoughts on Pokemon Go, Digital Literacy and AR 45:42 – 1:03:15


  1. melody collier says:

    My daughters and I play

  2. melody collier says:

    I went to school with John Hanke.

  3. Diana Fingal says:

    Do you know the date yet for the Aug. Back to School hangout?

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