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Pokemon GO LIVE: Rarest Pokemon Locations! (Pokemon GO Gameplay)

Pokemon Go Gameplay featuring Pokemon Go in the city looking for the rarest Pokemon Go gameplay in Toronto! We try and catch them all gaming live in the car with funny moments. This video we we’re live with real life Pokemon
⛑ Pokemon Go EP1:

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  1. Red_dead1911 gaming says:


  2. Swany gaming says:

    Go to Quebec

  3. Swany gaming says:

    Level 8

  4. Humblesz says:

    Him not dodging attacking made me hurt.

  5. Badin Brewer says:

    Do your Pokemon heal over time or do u have to use potions

  6. ZixiGaming says:

    All the poke stops missed makes me cringe

  7. atxpromotions says:

    thepokemongo.club/ the only place for tips, tricks and FREE POKEMONGO

  8. Michael Bean says:


  9. Sandy Sands says:


  10. Sandy Sands says:

    my rarest is a growdon

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