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I havent seen a lot of ‘reviews’ of pokemon go that point out the good and the bad about the game. I thought I’d do this to help people really consider the game, both the good and the bad, and get an overall feel for the game… especially for those of you who don’t have it in your country yet!


  1. Roche Prinsloo says:

    that intro, this is snorlax2988…lmfao

  2. Casey Davis says:

    Someone’s mailboxes on my street are a Pokestop…

  3. mattlamb says:


  4. Aidan Halliwell says:

    I like the game, but the thing is that im on an ipod touch, equivalent to a
    iphone4. So i cant go far from my house because i lose the wifi signal and
    because of the tech inside of it the gps is also off from my actual
    location. I know that this is not Niantics fault and its mine but that is
    my perspective of the game.

  5. Fatran Faints Gaming says:

    I just go to my local community centre to go to like four different poke

  6. Nate Starr says:

    If you disabled or live in a rural area you can spoof your GPS and put
    yourself in somewhere very populous like central park

  7. Fatran Faints Gaming says:

    Reply to this comment, anyone?

  8. Kenzie McGhan says:

    Anybody on team Indistinct

  9. Brandon Riley says:

    Sick video as always Boogie! I couldn’t agree with you more. You voiced all
    of my opinions about the game.

  10. TheAratine says:

    I dont have it, but I live in a very small area, yet there are 3 stops
    right by my house, and there’s alot more around town and the neighbouring

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