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Pokemon Go – TEAM MYSTIC – Gameplay + Thoughts + Los Angeles

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  1. Rye Lopez says:

    This was a great intro video! And I also think that the meetups and stuff
    are awesome! As someone who doesn’t have many friends I feel it’s amazing
    that just a smart phone game has helped me meet so many new people! The
    pokémon I’d most like to catch are Starmie, Gengar and Jolteon! I can’t
    wait for my Gen 4 pokémon to come too!

  2. SarahhRUSH says:

    I LOVE POKEMON GO!!!!!! It’s so cool to see how many people are coming
    together from this game. I love it!

  3. PixieSparkles says:

    I love Pokemon Go!!!!! I’m so jealous that you have a Clefairy. I want one
    so bad, but I live in a smallish town in Ohio where nothing happens.
    Hahahaha! My favorite Pokemon are Clafairy (cause I was obsessed with them
    as a child) and the Eevee evolutions especially Espeon. I also love
    Fennekin who was my starter in Pokemon Y. As for Pokemon Go, I’m Team Valor
    because I like to keep things spicy. Lol jk! My two strongest are my Jynx
    and Jolteon. But I’m just hoping to be the best like no one ever was.

  4. OziiGames says:

    My favorite Pokemon is Starmie!!! I’m also on team mystic!!! Happy Pokemon

  5. J. J. Hwang says:

    I knew that was you!!! Me & a friend were sitting across the street from
    the arc light theater the other night & you were in your car & you guys
    came out & sat next to us & we were talking about Pokemon but it was hard
    to tell if it was you or not cuz it was too dark & I was going ask if it
    was you but you left so I was going to wait till you got back but we left
    before you came back but anyways it was nice talking to you Lacey & playing
    Pokemon with y’all. TEAM MYSTIC!!!

    • Lacey Noel says:

      OH MY ARCEUS!! That is totally awesome!! Omg! I’m so glad that a magical
      game like Pokémon brought us together, and I hope to see you around! TEAM
      MYSTIC FOREVER! And it was super rad to talk to you as well. ??✨

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