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Pokemon Go Tips and Tricks Vlog #1


Hello, I am Whiteboy7thst I will play Call of Duty Modern Warfare Remastered (COD4) and Battlefield 1 (BF1). Subscribe!


  1. The Dutchowner2 says:

    How is he possible to hatch 4 eggs at a time? I can only hatch 2 eggs

  2. Chief Keef Sosa says:

    so all the sudden everyone’s a pokemon fan? you guys are going with the
    trend. Why wasn’t everyone going crazy over pokemon 2 months ago huh?

  3. Michael Lorenzo Rojas says:

    Like – your crush will fall for you
    Sub – for life long happiness
    Ignore – nothing will happen

  4. garibayja123 says:

    lmao weedle dick .. whietboy you too much bro I’m done !! :D

  5. GhostsXp says:

    Tips and Ticks??

  6. Bradley Ausmus says:

    nidoran brah. rabbit pokemon

  7. Purple Jedi says:

    this is a dope video whiteboy keep making them

  8. Juvec9 says:

    Whiteboy, if you miss a pokeball you can tap it and get it back!

  9. Strappin says:

    My area is filled with eevees its crazy

  10. Tazer “TheTazer255” 225 says:

    Tips and ticks!! ????

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