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I have been spending my day with this 13 Month old Toddler, and she is one heck of a Pokemon trainer! Let’s see how it went! Obviously a fiction/mini story! Gotta Catch ’em all!

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The Dislikes Reaction:
Also, as of now… 10%+ dislikes! What is wrong with you people? People throwing shade at a 1yo girl, you should be ashamed of yourself! Its ok you might not enjoy the video, but still.. just leave it then and not spread negativity!

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  1. Kulrig Alestout says:

    So cutes!

  2. YellowBunny says:

    I don’t think children of such a young age should already play with

    • Thomandy Gaming says:

      +YellowBunny Yeah, no worries. Her mother is strict on that as well. This
      however is a production, and even though the phone was on and running the
      pokemon go game at all times, she never actually interacted with it other
      than hold it and touch it a couple times. Its not documenting real life
      events, but again, fictive story to create something different and fun!:)

    • YellowBunny says:

      As long as you don’t let her do that on a regular basis, I’m fine with it 🙂

    • Thomandy Gaming says:

      She isnt.. its a Skit/Video/Fiction! Not sure why so many people dont
      understand that! She did not do the catching of the pokemons, she is 1! Its
      a miniature film/story!

  3. Hadron says:

    Ignore the dislikes, they mean nothing. The video is really cute, I hope it
    gets viral :)

    • Hadron says:

      sure man, keep it up 🙂

    • Thomandy Gaming says:

      Im trying to, not sure why it got this many as of now, she had the time of
      her life and with your music I feel it turned out to be a fun fan fiction
      thing! But yeah, Ill try to ignore haters sending hate on a video featuring
      a 1yo(cant really wrap my head around that) ..but thank you, super glad to
      hear you like it and thank you again for allowing me to use the music!! 🙂

  4. Monkey75 says:

    What have you done to her? Is she alright? Has she been damaged?
    She is too young to become a master pokémon, just see Ash, he was 10 when
    he started and see him now!
    There is no future in pokémon mastery. And it’s dangerous, too dangerous
    for a person that young.
    You irresponsible Thomandy!

    PS: By the way, how much a pokémon master can bring each month? I may
    consider using my Dog to catch pokémons if that can make me a lot of money.

    • Thomandy Gaming says:

      +Monkey75 Phew, I wanted to read it as that! I get like 1000views max(in
      general) on videos that arent Super Mario Maker so money wont be
      made(unless it get some traction) but I enjoy being a part of the trends
      and the youtube scene so making a unique pokemon go video was natural to me
      now that people are hyped about the game. Its not about money, its about
      making something fun people can enjoy.

    • Monkey75 says:

      +Thomandy Gaming
      It was joke x)
      It was just a joke.
      Just a joke.
      A joke.

      (^ ◕ᴥ◕ ^) Wouf!

    • Thomandy Gaming says:

      Hehe, at first you sort of had me fooled! 🙂 Or perhaps you felt I
      shouldn’t have made the video cause she is 1yo? I dont know how to
      interpret your comment. She had the time of her life, we took her to the
      park, and filmed her for 15minutes in total.. I thought it was a fun and
      creative video, still not sure how to interpret your comment.

  5. Cameron Daw says:

    This is wedding filmstrip material for your niece. Absolutely brilliant.

  6. Xmoss Minecraft says:

    Aww, she’s so cute! Is she your cousin?

  7. 404 Error says:

    That girl is so cute! Is she your daughter? Also are you gonna play more of
    this game or is this a one time thing?

    • Thomandy Gaming says:

      I dont got it on my phone, this was done with my sisters. Might do more
      when it comes out, dont know. Im very curious about the game, but yeah

  8. Knighty02 says:

    Haha this is sooo adorable :D

  9. Thomandy Gaming says:

    This is to be seen as fiction, a mini story! Tiny film, or whatever you
    want to call it. I never thought people would think I was trying to portray
    this as my 1yo niece Actually going out trying to get Pokemon! Its fiction!

  10. The Coldroid says:

    Wow Thomandy is younger than what I thought. :p Cute !

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